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  • Widely recognized as the leading industry forecasting company

  • Only source of granular electrical industry market data

  • Proven historically accurate industry forecasts


DISC Corp is staffed with a complement of economists and programmers to provide online and PC compatible industry analyses. The company provides industry sales for national and regional market segmentation (customer type) and NAICS industry specific forecasts. Our suite of applications is ideal for Electrical Distributors, Electrical Manufacturers, Electrical Manufacturers' Representatives and Financial Market Companies.

DISC Corp forecasts the supply side -- sales from the location of the electrical distributor branch (DataSearch™). Distributors can measure their performance against their competitors. Vendors and reps can identify and size markets where distributors are located. 


DISC Corp forecasts the demand side (MarketTrack™) measuring the dollar spend by end user industries buying products from electrical distributors, at the zip code level. Distributors leverage demand by managing account potential and prospecting for new business. Vendors and reps leverage demand by identifying and sizing key industries purchasing supplies from distributors.

DISC Corp forecasts quarterly industry performance (MetroPulse™), 5 year annual outlook (MetroCast™), 5 year outlook for 11 major product groups  (MetroPro™), by segment - contractor, industrial, utility and institutional - for the top 150 metropolitan areas.


These are finely tuned geographic databases delivered in customized software.

Herm Isenstein

DISC Corp. was founded in 1985, by Herm Isenstein, to provide regional analysis and forecasting of electrical distributor industry sales. Our niche strategy is tracking and forecasting industry sales, and DISC Corp. is now widely recognized as the industry leader in market forecasting serving the needs of both electrical manufacturers and distributors.

Robust Suite of

The DISC Corp. robust suite of applications is ideal for:

  • Electrical distributors

  • Electrical manufacturers

  • Electrical manufacturers' representatives, and

  • Financial market companies.


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